Thalassemia Minor, no symptoms and trying to eat a healthy diet- What to do?

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So I was diagnosed with Thal Minor but I never knew I had it until some unrelated blood work. Doctor said not to take iron supp. and I avoid vitamins with iron.

But I'm on a diet now and eat a lot of salads, broccoli, etc....foods high in iron. I don't exclusively eat those foods (I eat chicken and rice and other stuff) but I am worried I eat too much iron and it will build up in my system.

Any insight into this?

As a thal minor you should not worry about dietary iron, especially from vegetables.  Avoid artificial supplementation from multivitamins and check your ferritin, TIBC and UIBC levels once a year along with your other blood work to make sure you are not deficient or overloaded.


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I agree. Unless your Hb is extremely low for a minor, it is highly unlikely that you would have excess absorption of iron from food. Eating healthy foods is far more important than limiting dietary iron intake.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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