Be like the sun....its important for our physical, mental and emotional well-bei

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How do I begin? Okay.

How sunny is your disposition?

We are all the time talking of the sun, Vitamin D (Andy most of all)......but whats the use of all these, if we ourselves are not like the sun. In short, if we lack what we call a 'sunny disposition'.

Again, you may not like what you read just now but I prefer, you close it with a smile.
an older thal that I am, I can aptly advise most of you all on it. Sound strict? I am.....but with myself.

The importance of relationship in the life of an adult thal, more so if she is a woman, can hardly be exaggerated. Its like the sun!

But it depends on us, how we can have long supportive relationship.
We are normal. We should think marriage. Just because we are sick does not mean, we ll cease to romantics, we ll cease to enjoy the good pizzaz and burgers. No. Never.

If you are scared and doing so, you are wrong.

1) Polish your heart.....fill it with all the goodness on earth- empathy, compassion , love. And most important SMILE and HUMOUR. only a polished heart can smile and enjoy life.

2) Learn to adjust. Remember, the other person is adjusting enough to accept u with your sickness.

3) Make friends. We may be introverts, or private but listen to your heart. It knows, who you should be free with. Open up to them.

4) NEVER HIDE YOUR THAL STATUS....make them see you as normal humans not as thals.

In fact I find my normal friends very boring. They are not passionate about life.....there are so many beautiful things to do like admiring nature, admiring flowers, loving the dogs and cats around, cooking......but lo!, they are doing nothing as compared to me. By this I meant that TO BE PASSIONATE ABOUT LIFE AND ENVIRONMENT IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THING, not only for us but for everyone.

Love the baby next door, talk to the children around. It feels so good.

All these small acts of positivity, goes a long way in making us like the sun, giving us a sunny disposition.

As just like, we seek the sun, then people start seeking us(everyone needs a sun around).


Keep calm and face.


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Wonderful post, Rashmi.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.


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Indeed, a bright (sunny :P) post. All thals should find inspiration in this thread, there's enough of it here.


Every child is special.


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We got a " Philosopher " Here

Very good emotional post, got a break from medical post  :wink :smiley

Keep Posting
Start listening your body, it always gives signs


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What a great post! 


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really great post...
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