Trudeau pledges $20M in funding to establish stem cell therapy centre in Toronto

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Thank you for posting Canadian Family.  I sure love that Trudeau.  I am proud to be Canadian these days. 

I will say this with the huge caveat that this is my personal political opinion - I hope everyone in North America appreciates how the right wing regimes focus on putting tax dollars toward war and terrorizing other countries for their resources as a cost of stealing their resources so that they can fill the pockets of corporations.  The left wing parties however have done far better at promoting medical research.  I am very happy about this research. 

I hope that Americans will also think about how, while the capacity for gene therapy may have been available for decades - the Bush administration did nothing to advance it and in fact it was suspended until the Obama administration.  Research in thalassemia has flourished under this regime.  I can only hope that there will be a democratic government - and ideally under Bernie Saunder's leadership in the U.S. after the next election for the sake of medical research and some peace on our planet. 

Sharmin  :hugfriend


Agree with everything you said. Proud to be Canadian.

Take care.


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