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Hello all , I have been experiminting with supplemts currently such as :
vit c 500mg
vit e 400iu
L-carnitine 500mg
b complex (100)
folic acid 1g
magnesium 250mg
vit d 50,000weekly

and am starting to eat more vegtables and fruit as well as sleep alot more , but it seems as though the fatigue is still there ! this is affecting my relationships and schooling as I have no energy to hang out and fall asleep during class. This is a tough challange for me at 17 . Im currently 5'9 200lbs . any advice on what else I can do?

Re: Tired
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Bad news: Supplements you are taking don't make miracles for tiredeness. Good news: You are defeating oxidative stress and taking care of your bones. I personally tried 1.5 mg of Carnitine while training and for short period. I felt same tiredeness. Tried also B12, metilfolate and B compex. Nothing to do, no escape, fatigue is always there. Personally I felt a little better with an high intake of animal protein (white meat) and complex Carbs. Simple carbs like vegetables and fruit are good for vitamin, minerals and dietary fiber but my body mainly take energy from complex carbs. I tried also Ashwagandha with a little good result for sleep. Other are Waste of money. Some people suggested me to take some special mushrooms, spirulina or rhodiola rosea. I' dont know, I'm tired, tired also of waste my money.
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Re: Tired
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Many thals find the only solution is a daily nap in the afternoon.

All we are saying is give thals a chance.

Re: Tired
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Thanks Andy , I’m pairing that with a great diet , sleep and excercise . Bless you for running the site


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Re: Tired
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Hi Ali,

Deficiencies will take time to recover ,its a slow process,i am a minor too and been through all that,cardio exercise helps a lot,have you ever checked your thyroid functions?


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Re: Tired
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What time do you go to bed? Thats an important factor, lots of factors though. I usually feel better if i sleep before 2230.
Lots of carbs can make you sleepy too.
If you can nap though great.


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